Best Cellulite Treatments: Laser, Creams, Cellfina & Lipo

Which are the best cellulite treatments

Cellulite is a very common cosmetic condition that affects about 90% of women-truth is anyone can develop cellulite but it’s most common in women as compared to men. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not a weight problem but rather a result of enlargement of fat cells due to excess accumulation … Read more

Can I Do Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Exercises to lose cellulite

While there are tons of myths going around about cellulite, including this one: so, can exercise get rid of cellulite, what exercises reduce cellulite? What is the best cellulite removal exercise? Truth is a lot of exercises are considered to be fat blasting and may possibly reduce/shrink cellulite. According to some instructors even, they claim that … Read more

Cellulite Diet – Foods that Fight Cellulite or Cause It

Which foods help fight cellulite

Cellulite affects the best of us, no matter our age or size. While most us have tried everything from cellulite lotions and creams to minor cosmetic surgery and nothing seems to work: maybe its time to improve our diets. So, can diet get rid of cellulite? The answer is yes, … Read more

Cellulite Causes, Foods, Hormones, Genes Risk Factors

Cellulite causes - food, lifestyle, genes or

Cellulite also referred to as the orange-peel skin is a common cosmetic problem which is characterized by dimpled, lumpy skin. Normally, cellulite develops when fat deposits force their way through the connective tissue under the skin. Cellulite usually affects the thighs and buttocks as well as the legs and arms. … Read more

Why Cellulite During Pregnancy – Will It Go Away

Cellulite during pregnancy - Does it ever go away after childbirth

When you realized you were pregnant, you expected the big breast and the addition of weight, but cellulite was not one of those things you planned for. For most women, cellulite has never been a problem until they get pregnant. Others will have it but will notice it’s prevalence or … Read more

Cellulite Removal Creams, Laser, Surgery & Remedies

Cellulite removal before and after

Cellulite refers to lumpy dimpled flesh that appears on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and hips. It mostly affects women and is not a serious medical condition. Most women describe them as looking like cottage cheese while others say they get an orange peel texture on their body. What causes it? … Read more

Cellulite in Men Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Do men get cellulite

Cellulite refers to the abnormal protrusion of subcutaneous fats within the fibrous connective tissue of the skin. The abnormal protrusions are manifested as skin bumps or lumps on the skin. The lumps are caused by fat deposits pushing and distorting the connective tissue under the skin which results in a … Read more