6 Causes of Dry Skin on Chin and Treatment Remedies

Flaking dry skin on chin or around it

Having dry, flaky skin on your chin is not only irritating but also embarrassing. This is because you can’t hide it with any piece of clothing. Trying to conceal it with makeup only makes it worse. Having this problem on your chin can be an indication of several things. It could … Read more

Cracked Knuckle Skin Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Cracked knuckle skin image

With the ever-changing weather, our skin is bound to get affected at one point or another. It is the largest body organ responsible for regulating the body’s temperature as well as protecting it against infections hence requires optimum care. Typically, dry skin is unable to hold/retain moisture which causes it to … Read more

Causes of Dry Eyelids, Treatments and Home Remedies

Dry Eyelids

Dry eyelids are a common condition that can affect anyone irrespective of age. Its symptoms include a dry flaky eyelid, and, in most cases, the under-eye area also appears flaky. Other symptoms include discoloration, itchiness, and soreness. In some cases, a person may end up with swollen eyes as a … Read more

Dealing with Cracked, Flaky, Dry Skin on Feet and Hands

Why are my feet skin dry, scaly and rough?  Learn about the causes, conditions, disorders, and problems behind mildly or extremely dry or cracked skin on foot. Stay here and get an insight on creams to use, how to remove and get rid of this problem, and much more. Causes … Read more

Rough Severely Dry Skin on Hand Causes and Treatment

Excessive washing can lead to dry skin on palms that peels also

Dry skin is a condition that is developed when the skin lacks moisture and becomes rough, with fine scales or flakes and sometimes it has small cracks. It is always everybody’s pleasure to have soft and smooth hands. But what do you think makes some people have dry and rough hands? … Read more

Causes and Treating Dry Skin and Patches Fast

Dry skin and patches treatment

What is a dry skin? What causes it? What does it look like? This is a common problem for many people. It can occur at any age and for many reasons. Using a moisturizer often helps repair it. This article provides vital information on the various causes of dry skin on various … Read more

Causes and Best Dry Skin Treatments at Home

Dry skin home treatments - olive oil

What is dry skin? What is the cause it? How do you moisturize it naturally? Dryness is an uncomfortable condition marked by scaling, itching, and cracking. It can occur for a variety of reasons or causes and there is a wide variety of ways on how to smoothen and moisturize … Read more

Dry Skin on Eyes, Nose, Ear, Hands or Legs Remedies

Dry skin and flakes like dandruff

What is good for dry skin? How long do home remedies take to deal with a dry skin? Which remedies can I use on my hands, legs, nose, face, eyes, and behind ears? On hands Try these natural remedies to make your hands softer: Give them an oil massage Oils are … Read more

Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin

What does it mean to have a dehydrated skin? Is it the same with a dry skin? What causes it? Get the meaning, causes, symptoms, treatments, prevention and more in this post. Meaning Always, a dry skin syndrome is the most common thing the clients criticize about but wait a … Read more

Causes of Dry Skin Around Mouth, Lips or Nose

Perioral dermatitis dry skin rash around mouth

Dry skin around the mouth can be frustrating and sometimes painful if there is blistering, cracking or inflammation. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, remedies, and treatment including when on lips or under the nose. Causes What causes it? Certain skin conditions like eczema around mount can account for the … Read more