Dark Spots on Buttocks Causes, Remedies & Treatment

Dark spots on buttocks

You know there is a very big problem when you can’t undress in front of your partner because of dark ugly spots on your buttocks. Dark inner thighs and buttocks can also prevent you from wearing your favorite sexy swimsuit during summer. This is a very common condition that affects … Read more

Causes of Dark Spots on Armpits and Fast Removal

Dark spots on armpits - bumps

There’s nothing bad like having so many sleeveless dresses that you cannot wear due to dark spots on your armpits. You keep rummaging through the closet until you can find another dress because all your sexy sleeveless ones have to take a back bench. There are several reasons as to … Read more

Dark Spots on Skin Causes and Best Removal Ways

Dark spots on skin - Facial dark or black marks

Are you young and have dark spots or patches on your skin? How can you remove them? Besides knowing their causes we have shone a spotlight on their treatments and home remedies. Cause I am growing more worried after an irregular dark spot appeared on skin. What are the causes … Read more

Why Dark Spots on Leg, Bottom of Feet and Cures

Acne dark spots on legs

Why do I have dark spots on my legs? What can I do if I want to remove them including those on my lower legs? By the end of this discussion, you will have a clear mind on how to get rid or remove them including those under and on your … Read more

Removal of Dark Spots Under Eyes + Creams

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation dark spots under eyes

What is the truth about dark spots under eyes? What causes them? Today we are here to give all you need to get rid this dark marks, circles or spots. Before that, we shall look at the various causes including at pregnancy, in children and men plus more on the … Read more

Dark Spots on Tongue Tip, Side, Back or Under Causes

Dark spots on side of tongue

I have dark spots on my tongue that bothers a lot. What causes them? With pictures, get the causes and remedies including those on the tip, side or under the tongue.   Causes This part focusses on causes. Have an insight into what causes you were looking for your own … Read more

Cause and Treating Dark Spots on Hands, Arms or Legs

Dark spots on hands

What are the dark spots my hands and arms and what do I do to get rid of them?   If you have them, how can you get rid of these dark patches or spots? Discover their causes, treatment or how to remove them in this post. Where they appear They often appear … Read more

Dark Spots on Neck, Chest, Shoulder Causes and Cure

Dark spots on the neck

I have dark spots on my chest and neck which devastates me because they are unsightly. What causes them, including the black patches on my neck, breasts, and chest especially during pregnancy? Is there a relationship between their appearance on the chest and neck? This will be important as far … Read more

Dark Spots Causes: Scars, Sun, Shaving, Bras and More

Dark spots on skin - Dark acne scars

What are dark spots? Why do you have them? Learn more about what causes them, how to get rid of them and much more. What causes them When looking at what is responsible for this hyperpigmentation spots, it is worth to know the underlying or exact cause. Some causes are … Read more

Dark Spots on Face Causes and Removal Ways

Acne dark spots before and after removal

What causes dark spots on face, cheek, and forehead or what causes premature aging spots on my face? Indeed having them can frustrating in some situations. Here is a golden opportunity to know the causes. You will be inspired to learn about removal and treatment methods and the correct one … Read more