How to Get Rid of Cystic Big Painful Swollen Pimple

Big swollen pimple on upper lip

Having a swollen pimple especially with no head (blind pimple can be very frustrating. We have insight on their causes and ways to shrink or reduce pimple swelling be it on your chin, nose, lip, face as well as reduce the redness that may accompany it. While getting pimples is … Read more

Painful Pimple: Swollen Cystic Causes and Treatments

Swollen painful pimple on forehead

Waking up with a face full of painful pimples on your chin, under skin, forehead or even a painful blind pimple is something a lot of us are familiar with. Other than the incessant urge to pop them, they come with this searing pain that’s just maddening. Although, getting this form … Read more

How to Pop a Pimple, Best Way, Steps and Aftercare

How to pop a pimple

When it comes to popping a pimple, whether it is under the skin, the kind that won’t pop or hurts, one that is not ready, on your nose, chin, lip or anywhere, there are many approaches with each claiming to be the best. Do you need a needle or a … Read more

Pimple Inside Nose Causes, Treatments and Remedies

So, you were blowing your nose and noticed a painful bump inside it or did you just touch it and felt something was not right? I am guessing you went to check yourself in the mirror and found out you have a painful pimple inside your nose, then you came … Read more

Underarm Pimple that Hurt Causes and Treatments

Underarm pimples

The armpit region is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. And without proper care, you are prone to get armpit cysts, pimples, cysts, sores among other skin conditions. Pimples in this area are unsightly and reduce the normal quality of life. Nobody wants to around with hands … Read more

Pimples on Head Causes, Treatment and Remedies

Pimples on the head

Pimples on the scalp are not as common as pimples on the face, chest, and back, but they do appear. Sometimes one does not realize they have them until you accidentally touch them with a comb. The hair does a good job of hiding zits on the scalp. When the … Read more

Butt Pimples Cause, Treatment, Remedies and Creams

Pimples or zits on the bum

Who are you when no one is watching? Are you always scratching itching pimples on your bum and thigh areas? Or are you one of the few people who overstay in the washroom because they are popping butt pimples? You don’t have to answer this question, but I just wanted … Read more

Earlobe Pimples Causes and Remedies for These Zits

Popping pimple on earlobe

Pimples on the earlobe can be painful, annoying and downright mysterious. There are many factors that can lead to them, so you are just kept questioning your actions, is it the piercing, is it simply a bacterial infection, or is it an indicator of a deeper problem-say a kidney failure? … Read more

Forehead Pimples Meaning and Treatment Remedies

Forehead pimple or acne

Forehead pimples are a common problem for many people. Pimples in this area, just like other areas form due to clogging up of hair follicles by bacteria and dead skins. Pimples breakout on the forehead look like red bumps scientifically referred to as Papule or a cluster of bumps filled … Read more

Causes of Pimples on Eyebrows and Best Treatments

Pimple on eyebrows - between eyebrows

The main problem with having a pimple anywhere on the face is that it’s a bit hard to conceal and this can be embarrassing. No need to fret, however, since pimples on the eyebrows can be treated. Pimples on the eyebrows affect both men and women and can either be … Read more