Healing Pimples on Neck Front, Back, Chin and Cheeks

Pimple on neck

What do pimples on neck mean or what triggers them? These zits can affect self-esteem especially when they are larger and can be easily spotted. How can I get rid of them? Well, don’t worry, after going through the causes including those on front and back of the neck, on chin … Read more

Treating Big, Painful, Infected Lip Pimples Fast

Lip pimple on upper lip line

Why do I get pimples on my lower, upper,  inside, around, on lip edges (lip line) or near my lip?  Are they cold sore or something else? What can I use on this form of acne especially if it is infected and hurts so badly? Learn more about causes, treatments, … Read more

Pimple in Ear: Painful, Infected Causes and Treatments 

Can you get a pimple in your ear? Pimple formation is especially for teens and young people. These blemishes can appear anywhere on the skin and for this case behind, around, on folds, canal or cartilage of your ears. Get insight into causes, symptoms, how to get rid of them … Read more

Pimples on Chin: Small, Big, Itchy or Painful Cause

Squeezing a chin pimple

What is the meaning of a pimple on the chin? How do I get rid of them when they keep occurring on my chin, neck, and jawline? In some cases, these zits can be very itchy, painful, deep and huge. Hormonal imbalances and excessive sebum are the major causes of … Read more

Small Red Itchy Pimples on Scalp Cause and Treatment

Pimple on scalp

Pimples are skin disorders that affect the hair follicles and commonly appear on the face but can also be seen on scalp, chest, back, breast, and neck among other body parts. This condition is common during teenage years but can also occur in adulthood or later in your life. Now, … Read more

Mild to Red Severe Chest Pimples Causes and Cures

Skin disorders can say a lot about our health. Presence of pimples on the chest can be an indication that something is not right.  What the triggers them are and how can you get rid of them. Pimples can occur anyplace in the body provided that the place has pores … Read more

Pimples on Back Meaning Causes and Fast Treatments

What is the meaning of pimples on my back? What causes them? Who is prone to this zits, and what are their treatments? Back pimples can show up in various forms including blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules or in severe forms such as nodules and cysts. This is a skin problem that … Read more

Pimple Meaning, Formation, Causes, Symptoms & Cures

What is a pimple? What are the reasons for their development? Who is prone to these small skin lesions, and what are their effects? Well, go through this article to get full insight on the meaning, causes, deep ones, their symptoms and various types. We have also shed a spotlight … Read more

Why Pimples on Tongue Side, Under, Tip, Side or Back

Pimples on the tongue are caused by a number of diseases and conditions. They are often white or red in appearance (at times black or yellow) depending on the cause. These zits can affect the tip, under, side, back, or your whole tongue.  Furthermore, they could be small (little or … Read more