Do All Tattoos Scab: Care, Bad and When Not Scabbing

When, care, bad tattoo scabbing

Tattoo scabbing can be very scary especially if you don’t know about the tattoo healing stages as well as the healing process.  If this is not your first time getting one done, then you know that scabbing is one of the processes that comes days after you’ve had your tattoo done.  … Read more

Tattooing Pain Areas Chart, Rating and Factors

Tattoo pain areas - courtesy of

It’s finally time to convey how much of a bad ass you are but the leather jacket and motorcycle doesn’t quite capture your badass-ness in all its glory. So, you decide a tattoo might just do the trick, yeah? Do tattoos hurt? Then there is the question, do tattoos hurt? Is … Read more

How to Stop an Itching Tattoo: Causes and Relief

Tattoo itching causes and stopping it

All tattoos must go through the healing process- which normally takes about 3-4 months. The healing process tends to get insanely annoying especially when the tattoo starts to itch-which should NOT be scratched at all even if your life depended on it! Tattoo itching is a common pet-peeve that affects … Read more

Tattoo Healing Problems: Preventing and Treating Them

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? It’s an exciting thought, right? Am sure you have an image in mind of what you want and how it will appear. Just lovely and beautiful. However, have you thought really hard about it? I mean, getting a tattoo is not an easy … Read more

Tattoo Healing Stages: Oozing, Flaking, Dull & Timeline

Tattoo Healing Stages

Most people, especially first timers at the tattoo parlor, never think about the healing process. All we want is a beautiful tattoo to look good on the body. They go through a healing process and people only panic when they see plasma or blood oozing out. When your tattoo is … Read more

Tattoo Redness on New and Old One: Is It Normal?

Redness around tattoo

Wound healing, according to the Journal of International Medical Research, starts immediately after an injury. The tattoo is a wound too and it’s healing process starts immediately the artist finishes. Redness is one of the healing stages and most people will attest to having the tattoo look red, swollen and … Read more

Tattoo Removal Pain, Cost, Methods and Healing Time

Before and after tattoo laser removal method

We have all been victims of the tattoo craze. The difference is, there are those who managed to overcome the trend and stay without any ink on their skin. On the other hand, there are those who bowed to the pressure and got it. Whereas we all have our reasons, … Read more

How to Speed Tattoo Healing Time and Lotions to Use

Tattoo Healing Process

Getting a tattoo is a life-changing process. In most instances, people get it either to show their commitment to a certain culture, group, or religion. Alternatively, there are those who simply got it out of peer pressure or to make a fashion statement. Regardless, getting a new tattoo is a … Read more

Pimples on Legs Causes, Remedies and Treatments

Pimples on legs

Why do I have pimples on my legs or is it normal to have them? If you have these zits on your legs, you are not alone because many other people have the same problem too. We are going to take you through what they are and how they are formed, … Read more

Itchy Tattoo: Causes, Severe, Relief and Removal

Raised itchy tattoo

Is your tattoo so itchy and giving you a hard time? Let us explore some of the common causes including if cancer can cause itchiness. We will also discuss how they can be relieved or treated including removal when necessary. Despite the joy of having them, we must always bear … Read more