Symptoms of Sunburned Eyes and Fast Relief Ways

Can your eyes be sunburned.

Most people go for sunscreen to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. But what about the eyes? Can eyes get sunburned? Sadly, yes. Frequent exposure to the UVA and UVB rays can significantly harm the eyes making them sunburned. Prolonged exposure to the harmful UVA and … Read more

Facts about Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburns

Aloe vera remedy

The sun is very important when it comes to giving us vitamin D. but we all know that too much of something is poisonous. And in the case of too much exposure to it, you are bound to get sunburns. When you get it, your skin turns red and hurts. Some … Read more

Sunburn Causes, Prevention, Short and Long-term Risks

Sunburned face

Living in Asia, I saw people actively avoid the sun because it would darken their skin and weather it. While this is true, it is also good for your skin. Why is the sun good for you? Sun exposure is necessary for Vitamin D production in the body. The “sunshine … Read more

Prevention of a Sunburned Nose and How to Treat It

Sunburned nose - expect peeling at times

It’s always nice to get a tan during summer, but no one enjoys getting a burn. Although you can get sunburned any time of year, it is especially likely in the hotter months. Despite my best efforts (I could still do better though,) I always find that I get burned … Read more

How to Hide a Sunburn Including with Makeup

How to hide or cover up a sunburn

Summer comes with promises of fun and laughter, beach days and barbecues, swimming and playing volleyball, brunch and restaurants, road trips and so much more. Summer is outside and incredible, but outside is hot and it burns. Yes, it’s true you can get a sunburn at any time of year. … Read more

Fast Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face

Remedies for sunburn on face

There are so many health warnings about protecting ourselves from sunburn. We sometimes forget, however and subject our skin to the sun rays. Maybe by the time you left the house in the morning, the sun was not hot but by midday it’s scorching, and you forgot to apply sunscreen. … Read more

Unbearable Sunburn Itch with Rash and Relief

Sunburn itch is nobody’s idea of fun. But there are numerous options available to soothe it without worsening the condition or causing an infection all of which are highlighted in this guide. Does it itch? This question often arises. Well, a sunburned skin can become itchy and give you a … Read more

Extreme or Painful Instant Sunburn Itch Relief Remedies

Extreme peeling itchy sunburn relief

Sunburns are damaging to your skin and can cause significant itching alongside other symptoms such as pain and inflammation. See these remedies for pain, inflammation, and itch relief. Extreme cases Extreme itch is often an indication of excessive damage due to prolonged exposure or post-sunburn exposure to UV radiation. This could, … Read more

Sunburned Lips Symptoms: Blistered and Swollen Relief

Sunburned lower lip

You headed out in the sun and now have sunburned lips? Then this article is for you. You will not only learn what symptoms of sunburn on the lips are but also get a highlight of treatment options available. You will also delight in the pictures listed on the page … Read more