Underarm Pimple that Hurt Causes and Treatments

The armpit region is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. And without proper care, you are prone to get armpit cysts, pimples, cysts, sores among other skin conditions.

Pimples in this area are unsightly and reduce the normal quality of life. Nobody wants to around with hands raised up because of the painful lump under the armpit.

Causes including a pimple like bumps

There are several reasons for armpit zits. As I stated in the beginning, it is a very sensitive area of the body, any irritation may lead to them swelling. Here are some of the causes of these spots under your armpit.

Underarm pimples
Underarm pimples

Excessive sweating

We all know that dump areas are a hub for fungi and bacteria. Excessive underarm sweating will make this area dump and lead to bacterial infection. This infection can be in the form of red spots under armpits.

Poor hygiene

Keeping them clean is hygienic and healthy. If you don’t shave your armpits and wash them regularly, then you are inviting germs and bacteria. The dirt can lead to painful cysts or even underarm acne.

Wearing tight clothes

Tight clothes will irritate your skin and lead to you having sore underarms. Wearing tight clothes will also prevent air circulation and lead to accumulation of sweat in this area. These sweats will block the pores and encourage the development of red pimple bumps under your armpits.

 Improper shaving and use of cheap razors

Using cheap disposable razors to shave your armpits can lead to infection causing this problem. This is because these razors cut so close to the skin and easily get germs along the way. Shaving your hair improperly will also lead to skin irritation and a sore small bumps under the armpit.

Allergic reactions

The itchy red bumps on your underarms could be a sign that you are using the wrong deodorants, antiperspirants, fresheners, and soaps. Our bodies are allergic to some products and therefore it is important to check for the ingredients in any cosmetic products before using them on your skin. You can also get cysts and pimples due to using cheap skin care cosmetics.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are strands of hair that either begins growing but stays embedded in the skin or curl over and work their way into the hair follicle. Ingrown hair in the armpit are always common after shaving and can become infected and cause pimples. You can also be having a lump in your armpit because of ingrown hair if it is severely infected.


Pain under the left or right armpit in females can be a sign that you are suffering from breast cancer. Enlargement of a lymph node can occur with cancer even if cancer itself is not affected. The function of the lymph nodes is to identify is to identify and destroy cancerous cells but sometimes they can also be affected by cancer.


Folliculitis is the inflammation of the hair follicles. One of the symptoms of folliculitis is painful red bumps under armpits. These bumps can often be filled with pus. Folliculitis is a bacterial infection and is also what causes boils under the armpit.

Heat rash

This is a condition caused by blocked sweat glands. It is a common condition in which areas of the skin feel prickly or stinging due to overheating. Heat rash looks like tiny red bumps under the neck and often gets better once the skin cools off.  It is more prone to people in hot humid conditions and bedridden people with high fever.


Candidiasis is a type of yeast infection that can cause bumps in this area. A candida outbreak can also cause the skin to peel and is aggravated by warm tight clothing and warm temperatures.

Be home remedies armpit pimples

To get rid of pimples you need the best solution and the best solution for painful underarm cyst is to leave them alone. If left alone, they will likely disappear on their own within a few days. But these small painful pimple bumps in the armpit can be a source of great discomfort and you will need to get rid of it in the fastest way possible.

Here are some simple remedies for pimples in this area;

 Apply some ice

Putting ice on the painful armpit pimples will reduce the inflammation and provide instant relief. The ice will also kill the bacteria causing the bumps. Take a few ice cubes and put them in a piece of cloth then put them under your armpits and wait for five minutes. This will also soothe your these pimples and work wonders.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has got anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, if used well it can soothe and treat underarm pimples. First, extract the gel from Aloe Vera Leaves and then apply it on the affected area. The secret to getting rid a sore lump under arm quickly using Aloe Vera is consistency. Apply the remedy every evening before you go to bed.

Use raw honey to treat underarm pimples

Honey is a very strong antiseptic which will kill the pimple-causing bacteria in your pores. The acidic properties of honey also impair the ability of bacteria to replicate. These characteristics are what makes honey a good simple solution. If you have a hard and painful lump under your armpits, then let honey treat it for you. All you must do is get the raw honey and apply it on the affected area. Be wary of using processed honey because I can aggravate the situation.

Use garlic

The allicin present in garlic has got antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties which kill bacteria causing sores under your armpits. Garlic has also got sulfur components which can help in reducing the appearance of pimple scars too. Garlic is one of the best remedies for hard and painful red pimples in your armpit.

Extract garlic juice from the garlic cloves then rub it on the affected area; leave it dry for a few minutes then rinse with clean water. Try this remedy on your underarm cyst and you will be sure to get very fast results.

Basil tea for armpit acne treatment

Basil has got extremely powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can kill acne-causing bacteria instantly. Some scholars claim that Basil can even kill the bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and prevent it from recurring. The healing properties of Basil tea are also for your skin and will make it more radiant and supple. Check here for the procedure on how to use Basil tea for neck acne treatment.

Apply a warm compress

A warm compress promotes drainage and kills the bacteria causing your under-armpit bumps. It also provides immediate relief by soothing and reducing the size of the pimples. You should deep a clean piece of cloth in hot water, rinse it then dab it on the affected region. Do this consistently until you see change

How to prevent underarm bumps

They say prevention is always the best cure. Here are some ways you can prevent pimples under your armpit;

  • Take regular showers. Ensure you thoroughly wash your armpits to prevent sweat accumulation because sweat is what breeds bacteria.
  • Avoid tight clothes because they can irritate your armpits and cause sores. Wear clothes with good fabric that absorbs sweat. This will keep them dry and free from acne-causing bacteria.
  • Don’t shave them if shaving is the reason for under armpit bumps. But if you must shave, then try using electric shavers. You should ensure that you cut your armpit hair towards the direction in which it’s growing.
  • Identify and avoid the creams and other cosmetic products which you are allergic to and avoid using them.
  • A painless lump under armpit can that does not go away could be a sign needs further medical checkup because it could be a sign of lipoma.

When to see a doctor

If all the above remedies don’t work, then it is time to see a doctor because it might be a bigger problem than just a bacterial infection. See a doctor if the symptoms do not go away after seven days even after using the above remedies. You should also seek immediate medical attention if you see the following symptoms;

  • The lumps continue growing bigger
  • The lumps are accompanied by excessive night sweating especially at night

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