Crusty Flaky Dry Skin Around Ears: Inside or Behind

Dry cracked flaky skin around ears

Having dry skin on ears is nothing anyone would want to have especially they are itchy, flaky and crusty i.e. dry flaky and itchy including inside ear canal. Overview Have you been noticing some this problem lately? Wondering what this means and what causes it? Does the dry skin flake, … Read more

Sore Rough Thick Peeling Dry Skin Around Nails Causes

What does dry skin around nails mean? Get more insights on causes including during pregnancy, as well as thick, peeling, sore, rough, dry skin around nails and cuticles, and how to get rid of this peeling and dryness. Meaning This usually implies that there is inadequate water supply in the … Read more

Dry Skin Around Eyes or Eyelids Causes and Treatments

Flaky red skin due to eczema

What does a dry flaky skin around eyes and eyelids mean? Depending on what the causes are, this condition may look scaly or with redness if irritated. There are various skin conditions and infections which can make the skin this area to dry out or appear dried and dehydrated. The eyelids could … Read more

Red, Itchy Dry Skin Around Nose Tip, Crease and Mouth

Why do I have dry skin around or on my nose tip, crease, or even around my mouth? Is it my nose ring, skin cancer, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, cold or vitamin deficiency that causes this problem. Get the causes of dry, red, itchy and flaking skin on the nose … Read more

Chapped Lips Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies

Severely chapped lips

Chapped lips or cheilitis is a common problem that both in adults and babies. Read about what causes and the best remedies to heal them. You will also see some treatments and products to use. Chapped lips do not look good on anyone. Neither are they a pleasant experience.  Severely … Read more

Why Is the Skin Around My Nose So Dry and Treatments 

Dry skin around nose

What causes a dry skin around the nose? In the following discussion, you will learn the causes and how to get rid of this skin problem. This will cover various treatments and home remedies even for those who have very dry cases. Causes There are many reasons or causes. Some of … Read more

Why Is the Skin Around My Eyes Dry, Itchy and Red?

Red flaky dry skin around eyes

Why do I have dry skin around eyes? Learn more about causes including itchy, sore, red or very cases including on eyelids. You will also get insight on how to get rid of this dryness Causes Causes include: Weather condition Dryness near the eye could be due to changes in … Read more