Crotch, Balls and Groin Chafing Cause and Treatment

The thought of having chafed balls scares me to death because that thing is very painful. But we all know groin chafing amongst men is a very common problem. It is just that most of us don’t like talking about it because it is embarrassing. That is also the reason why very little information exists about this topic.

This condition also known as chub rub is a condition that occurs due to excessive friction between thighs or skin to skin conduct in the thigh region. The result is always sores, raw and reddened skin in the groin area. It is painful, irritating and extremely uncomfortable. It can change the way we walk and our daily routine. Groin chafing is one of the most dreaded things a man would ever want to have.

Every man has at one time dealt with crotch chafing but the condition is more common in overweight people, sportspersons, and people who walk for long distances like soldiers. Men who sweat a lot and those in adverse weather conditions are at a greater risk of getting painful or inflamed skin between legs and balls. What many people don’t understand is that there are several ways to stop thigh chafing. you don’t need to persevere with this condition.


Here is how to prevent inner thigh, crotch, balls, and groin chafing much easily

Cut off some weight

We have already said that being overweight is one of the main causes of crotch chafing. Big thighs mean that you make it easier for your thighs to rub together and you know how chafing is painful and irritating. There are many reasons why you should lose your weight and I just added you one more. Cut off the weight, say bye to the agony of a chafed groin.

Anti-chafing underwear

This is an underwear specifically designed to prevent chafing between thighs. These shorts are a permanent solution to the chafing problem. The underwear is made from synthetic material that will not absorb sweat. They also have sweat-wicking properties that absorb sweat and keep your crotch region dry.  They are seamless, stretchy, lightweight and quick drying. Nike makes some of the best brands.

Chaffree Anti-chafing underwear has been given very good reviews by most users. They are said to prevent chafing rash and give you value for your money. You can purchase the product from their website and some good news you would probably like to hear is that UK residents can get free delivery.

Try sheath underwear?

A story is told of a soldier who was struggling with heat in Iraq. He had a problem keeping his balls cool. Then he discovered that putting some material between his genitals and his body worked wonders for him. He had discovered the ultimate solution to the discomfort caused by irritation of his genitals rubbing against his body. When he came back home, he started the Sheath underwear.

The sheath is designed with a small pouch that protects your genitalia from rubbing against skin. In the process it prevents inner thigh chafing, stickiness and moistness. The sheath is arguably the ultimate anti-chafing underwear for men. Most users say it is very convenient and comfortable

Apply the anti-chafing creams

There are several chafing lotions and ointments that are meant to protect your thighs from this condition. These gels moisturize your groin area and prevent thigh friction. You can buy one and apply it on your thighs before going out to exercise. If you can’t afford them, normal Vaseline can act as good chub rub cream.  Here are some creams that you can try out.

1. Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is used both as treatment and prevention measure for chafing between thighs. It immediately soothes and protects raw areas and lubricates them. It is one of the secret methods on how you can cure inner thigh chafing in one night. Just apply it before you go to sleep. The reason why I like Zinc oxide is that it can be used for many other purposes at home especially acne treatment. Zinc oxide is also very cheap compared to other creams or ointments.

2. Body glide

Body glide is called the leader in anti-chafing remedy products for a reason. If applied to the inner thigh region, it creates a dry, invisible non-greasy barrier reducing friction between your thighs and clothes.

3. Lanacane Anti-friction gel, 1 oz

This gel will give you maximum long-lasting comfort and dryness. It is non-greasy; therefore, it cannot stain your clothes. It is also moisture proof. It is the ultimate anti-chafing cream for thighs. It can also be used in other parts of the body including underarms, shoulders, and feet.

High hygiene can help rid of chafing between legs

From Science, we know that sweat contains a lot of salt and salt is an exfoliating agent. The salt in our sweat is the main component causing the blisters in the groin area, so keep the sweat away and your balls will be very secure. Take regular showers to avoid chafing between thighs. Also, wash your clothes including innerwear with mild soap. Change your clothes regularly to prevent thigh chafing. After exercises, ensure you take a shower and change into dry clothes to make sure your running does not cause this condition.

Groin chafing treatment

If you already have the dreaded condition, then try out some chafed thighs treatment methods below;

Avoid innerwear

Wearing innerwear will irritate your thighs and only aggravate the problem. Going commando is the easiest inner thigh treatment. Avoiding innerwear will ensure there is enough air circulation in the groin area. Aeration will speed up the recovery time for your blisters.

Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an effective topical treatment for skin infections, therefore, a perfect remedy for chafing between your legs and on balls. It has antimicrobial properties which offer protection against infections.

How to do it

  • Dip a clean cotton ball in clean water
  • Sprinkle a few drops of Tea tree oil on the cotton ball
  • Press the cotton ball on the affected area. Repeat the process daily until you see changes.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric is rich curcumin which is believed to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the healing time of your chafed balls and reduces the risk of scarring. It is one of the best powder for chafing between legs.

How to do it

  • Make a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of water.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area such as balls or groin area
  • Cover the area with a soft cloth and let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse with clean water.

Cold compress

Ice numbs your skin therefore immediately relieving you of pain and irritation by reducing the reddening of the skin and inflammation. The ice also kills any bacteria that might try to attack your chafed balls. It also speeds us the healing process.

How to do it

  • Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth
  • Press the cloth on the affected area for some few minutes.

Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is a strong moisturizer. It is also rich in vitamin E and will, therefore, speed up the healing process of your chafed skin. The moisturizing property of coconut oil will also prevent the infection from spreading. Coconut oil is also relatively cheap compared to other remedies.

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