Blackheads on Nose Causes and Best Removal Ways

Having blackheads on the nose can deal a terrible dent on your self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence. This article will give you a thorough breakdown of all matters in regard to this type of acne including causes, treatments and some products out there worth trying.

Nose with lots or full of blackheads

The most severe case of blackhead breakouts, including those characterized by lots of those black bumps as well as those that don’t respond to over-the-counter treatments, warrant medical attention. Such cases may benefit from prescription medications.

Topical medications with vitamin A, such as adapalene, tazarotene, and tretinoin, for example, helps to prevent the formation of plugs in hair follicles which then promotes more rapid shedding of dead skin cells.

Blackheads on nose
Blackheads on nose


Benzoyl peroxide containing and antibiotic medications may as well be prescribed especially if you suffer from acne cysts or pimples, in addition, these black headed bumps.

Other potential treatments options for lots of blackheads are dermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser therapy. All these are discussed in more details in another section of this article.


Blackheads are a mild type of acne that typically occurs on the face even though it can as well form on the back, shoulders, arms, or chest according to the Health Line website. As for what causes them here, or any other part of the body for that matter, clogging of hair follicles is usually the culprit.

Hair follicles get clogged when a plug develops in their openings. Every hair follicle comprises a strand of hair and a sebaceous gland that produces sebum – oil – to keep the skin soft. Dead skin cells often mix with this oil and collect in the opening of the hair follicle resulting in what is called a comedone.

In some cases, the skin above the comedone remains closed. In such a case, the bump formed is called a whitehead. In some cases, however, the skin atop the comedone breaks open exposing the content of the comedone to the air. This results in oxidation and the bump then becomes called a blackhead due to its dark or black color.

Oily nose and blackheads

Producing too much body oil increases your risk for blackheads and acne according to the Health Line website.  It is therefore not uncommon to see a tendency for people with oily nose to develop them.

In addition to oily skin, factors such as a buildup of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria on your skin; hormonal changes e.g. during menstruation; taking certain medications e.g. androgens; hair follicle irritation due to poor exfoliation of dead skin cells, and can as well increase your susceptibility to developing blackheads and acne.

Some experts also think that there is a link between acne and blackheads and certain foods but the existing research evidence is not sufficient to support this claim according to Health line.

People with an oil nose so to speak are advised to keep away from oil-containing products as these can make the condition even worse. This applies to makeup products as well as sunscreens and lotions.

Popping or How to pop them

Before we explain how to pop them, let us start by pointing out that popping with bare fingers is a bad idea as it can cause bacteria to spread. It should thus be avoided. With that said, here is a brief guideline on popping blackheads on nose safely:

  1. Cleanse: Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove the buildup of oil, dirt and other grime. It is advisable to use as hot water as your face can make do with for more efficient dislodging of grime from your pores.
  2. Moisturize: Next you will want to moisturize your skin to help seal in heat temporarily for easier extraction. Simply rub a thick coat of a moisturizing lotion or cream.
  3. Place a small plastic wrap on your nose and smooth it well, but ensure that you don’t cover your nostrils.
  4. Now place a clean washcloth in water, wring out excess water and then apply it to the top of the plastic wrap. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the heat to absorb it into the pores where it aids in softening the oils and other substances.
  5. Wrap your index fingers with tissue and place them at the bottom of the blackheads.
  6. Squeeze your skin by pressing the fingers against each other. They should be able to pop off. Continue dislodging the grim in the blackheads by moving your hands back and forth.
  7. If the grim fails to pop out, wash the area with antiseptic solution or wipe and allow it time to get ready for the action. The next day is an appropriate time to try again.
  8. Finish off by cleaning the area antiseptic solution or wipe in order to prevent scarring.

How to get blackheads out of nose

Although when here or any other part of the body are usually not painful and not as inflamed as pimples, they can cause aesthetes concerns to the sufferer because of their dark coloration which makes the facial skin appear uneven.

With that in mind, it might interest you to learn how to get blackheads out of the nose. Here are tips on how to go about getting rid of those black headed acne type:

1. OTC treatments

A great array of acne medications are available over-the-counter in most drugstores and grocery stores ranging from cream to gels and pads.

Such medications feature ingredients such as resorcinol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide and work by drying off excess oils from your skin while killing bacteria and facilitating the exfoliation of dead skin cells. They are typically applied topically (directly on the skin) and may benefit those on your nose.

2. Manual extraction

A dermatologist can also use a special instrument called round loop extractor to get the plugs responsible for the formation of blackheads out. The tool helps to exert pressure on the plug after a small opening has been made in the plug.

3. Microdermabrasion

This is yet another option that can be used to get blackheads out of your skin. Microdermabrasion involves mechanical sanding off of the surface of the skin. In so doing the causative plugs are removed and the blackheads heal off.

4. Chemical peeling

This treatment entails applying a strong chemical to the skin. As time passes by the chemical makes the top layers of the skin to peel off. This helps to expose a new, more rejuvenated skin layer and may as well remove the offensive plugs from the hair follicles, leading to the healing of those blackheads on nose.

5. Laser treatment

These days you can as well get them removed from your skin by use of laser beams.

How to get them out at home

You can also prevent or get rid of blackheads by observing the following tips:

  • Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser to remove and prevent the buildup of oil. Don’t, however, washing too frequently as this can worsen them and acne.
  • Use skin products e.g. lotions, sunscreens, and makeups, that are free of oils
  • Remove dead skin cells using exfoliating scrubs and masks.

Nose strips

There are as well many nose strips for blackheads treatment today. This is akin to those common skin plasters but have a specially formulated adhesive that helps to extract the debris trapped in skin pores.

All the user needs to do is to apply them on the skin and then peel them off after a specified time period. Correct usage, strictly sticking to the instruction provided, is, however, the key to success with this products.

An interesting argument is raised by Shannon of Practical skin Tuition who says that using them is a futile endeavor as these strips only strip out the solid debris but do nothing significant in the way of the oils and other liquid debris that may be plugged in the pores. As a result, the effect is only short-term.

Shannon suggests manual extraction with techniques such as enzyme masks, hot steam etc.

All in all, nose strips may be a good and cheaper option and the results it gives, albeit temporary – may be good enough to make you feel more confident.

In addition to the many commercial nasal strips available out there in grocery stores and drugstores, you may as well want to prepare your own homemade or DIY nose strips.

Best nase strips to try

As the number of conscious consumers continues to increase, the question what is the best brands pops up every now and then in online platforms the likes of social forums and Question-Answer portals.

Biore Nose Strips easily takes the day as the best nose strips for removal of blackheads. As we wrote this article, Biore Nose Strips have a rating of 3.9 on Amazon (based on 433 reviews) and 3.1 on Makeup Alley (out of 1731 reviews). This suggests an extensive overall positive experience among users.

Popular removal products

In addition to the treatment options we have seen that have been highlighted throughout this article, including the homecare regime measures listed above, you may also want to consider the following nose blackhead removal products:

  • Clay masks with kaolin e.g. Michael Todd, Voila Natural etc.
  • Tea Tree oil creams
  • Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Regimen
  • Revive Peau Magnifique Youth Recruit Renewal Serum
  • La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift

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